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DATA605 Final Exam
final exam
DATA612 Final Project
UBCF book recommender system on binary user reviews
Project 5
Research Discussion Assignment 2
Spotify's Recommender system
discussion 5
DATA612 Final Project Planning Doc
Final Project Planning Document
DATA612 Project 4q
Two recommender systems are implemented, then one is tuned for more recommendation diversity
DATA606 NBA Team Stats
Inference on NBA Team Stats for DATA606 Final Project
DATA606 Project Proposal
NBA Team Analysis
Data607 Project 4
working with text files (corpus)
NY Times API
Importing NY Times data as json to R dataframe
NPS Points of Interest
National Park Service POI's tidy'd and analyzed
NPS Details
National Park Service details analyzed and tidy'd with tidyr and dyplr
NPS Summary
National Park Service summary with tidyr and dyplr
DATA607 Week 5 Assignment
Practice with tidyr and dplyr to tidy dataset
DATA607 Project 1
This project uses the stringr library to convert a text file into a clean CSV file with 6 columns.
DATA607 Week 3 Assignment
Regular Expressions assignment
Subset of Mushroom Dataset
A simple subset of the Mushroom Dataset, found here: