Martin Stefan

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Maze Generation (Part 2)
Kruskal's algorithm and Prim's algorithm
Maze Generation (Part 1)
Recursive backtracking algorithm
Toward A Better COVID-19 Map
An interactive and highly detailed map that visualizes the spread of coronavirus in Europe
Fractals with R
Creating and drawing fractals with R
The Traveling Salesman Problem
A short tutorial on different heuristics and algorithms for solving the TSP
Replicating the Axelrod Tournaments
A computer tournament in which different strategies play the iterated prisoner's dilemma against each other.
Using R to Simulate a Pandemic
Simulating pandemics with different features including infectiousness, lethality, and the extent of social distancing.
Economics through the eyes of a satellite
Processing satellite images with QGIS and R
High Jump World Records
Some interesting ggplots
Using R to Find Strange Attractors
A primer on chaos theory in R
Regional strongholds of German automakers
A dashboard for the German automobile market
How to create a COVID-19 Dashboard in R
Learn how to use Shiny and Leaflet
DIY Cryptography in Python
Caesar cipher, Polybius square, Vigenère cipher
Are U.S. Pesidential Speeches Getting Dumber?
Analyzing text readability in R
Conway's Game of Life
How to program Conway's Game of Life in Python
Professional Sports Betting with R?
Statistical arbitrage betting in R
Visualizing Twitterspheres
An interesting way of using Twitter's API