Recently Published

Obama Online
The objective of this project is to collect available social / public informatin about President Obama and present using R web scraping and visualization tools.
Twitter Analytics : Global Pharma Majors
I analyzed twitter activity of the top global pharma companies. This is a blog on some interesting findings from the analysis.
Handling large datasets in R
Recently, along with the co-author, I made a presentation on options to handle large data sets using R at NYC DataScience Academy. This blog presents an overview of the presentation covering the available options to process large data sets in R efficiently.
Machine learning case study : Support Vector Machines
NYC DataScience Academy students, formed a team and participated in the Kaggle AXA Telematics competition. This blog is on SVM approach as it was used in the competition for evaluation of relative performance across other Machine learning algorithms. Our team was ranked among the top 10% in the competition.
Historical Events Analysis
Analysis of major disasters in human history.
NYC Schools: Performance, Poverty and Class size Analysis
Exploratory Analysis using Open data sets trying to understand the influence of various attributes impacting school performance across NYC school districts.