Nick Lusk

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Analysis of Appointment Only Businesses in Yelp Dataset
Can correlations be found among the appointment only businesses that have five star ratings which could be applied to other businesses to increase their chance of being more highly rated? Conversely, can patterns be established among the lower rated appointment only businesses which other businesses could avoid to increase their chance of being more highly rated?
Quantifying Exercise Data with Machine Learning
Using a variety of models to identify a training model that will accurately predict how well a person is performing a particular exercise using the information collected by Human Activity Recognition devices.
Going The Distance: Manual or Automatic? Supplemental Data Visualizations
A collection of additional data visualizations used in the course of the original report.
Going The Distance: Manual or Automatic?
An analysis of MPG as related to manual versus automatic transmissions on cars from 1974.
Exponential Distribution and the Central Limit Theory: Simulated and Theoretical
How many simulated exponentials does it take to prove the Central Limit Theorem? Not a whole lot.
United States Weather Events: Injury, Death and Destruction of Property
Analysis of weather event data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) indicating the level of impact of unique weather events on both humanity and property.