Bob O'Hara

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Comment on “Bayesian Repeated-Measures ANOVA: An Updated Methodology Implemented in JASP”
Some semi-random meanderings after reading a preprint about mixed effect models.
A problem where changing updaters in Nimble either throws errors or crashes the session. Published in the hope I can get some help.
Re-analysis of possible voting machine effects on US election
An attempt to replicate the model of Cornelius Hunter. It was not wholly successful. And simply adding an effect of State removes any effect of Dominion voting machines
Quick Analysis of US Special Election data
I thought Nathaniel Rakich hadn't looked at his data deeply enough, so I took a quick glance.
Why Does the World Look Linear
I don't know, and I only have some confused ideas. I need help!
Beaked redfish parasites
Analysis of data on beaked redfish parasites
More Hurricanes
An update to som analysis of the recent PNAS hurricane paper.
Hurricanes: the female of the species in no more deadly than the male
Re-analysis of PNAS paper data