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Alonso’s Penalty in the Australian GP 2024
In the closing laps of the 2024 Australian Grand Prix, the lone remaining Mercedes of George Russell was in a showdown with Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso. On the penultimate lap, Russell crashed out at turn 6-7, coming to a stop at an awkward angle skew across the track. Following the race, both drivers were called to the Stewards, who discussed the incident with both drivers and reviewed data and video. They handed Alonso a 20 second penalty for causing the crash, despite there not having been any contact between the two drivers. A large portion of the decision rested on the telemetry from the drivers’ cars. While the Stewards, FIA and Teams have much more detailed data than we do, we can repeat their analysis using R, f1dataR and the Python FastF1 package.
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