Prinon Mahdi

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DATA 606 | Final Project
It's an analysis of whether work experience, gender, and the ability to develop full-stack are predictors of income for US developers in the tech industry.
DATA 607 | Final Project
This project will answer the research question: Is smoking independent of gender? Data from NYC’s Community Health Survey (2020) will be used to answer the question. Moreover, the conclusion will be checked against World Health Organization’s data on smoking. Ideally, the 2 datasets will agree on the findings.
DATA 605 | Assignment 11
Simple linear regression using the "cars" dataset in R.
Assignment 7: Sentiment Analysis
First, some example code is run and explained so that the process of sentiment analysis becomes clear. Then, I perform my own sentiment analyses on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel "The Hound of the Baskervilles" using various lexicons.
DATA 607: Assignment – Web APIs
The New York Times' Books API is accessed to get the current bestsellers list for fiction (both print and ebooks).
DATA 607 | Project 3
This is my portion of the group project that attempts to find important skills for data science. I have cleaned a csv file from Kaggle's survey of its users.
DATA 607 | Assignment 5: Working with XML and JSON in R
This assignment involves reading in unstructured data and organizing it in a rectangular fashion.
DATA 607 | Assignment 4
This assignment is focused on the application of dplyr and tidyr packages (from Tidyverse).
DATA 607 | Project 1
Cleaning chess data and exporting to a csv file
DATA 607 | Assignment 3
String manipulation using regex for DATA 607: Data Acquisition and Management
Ranking the strength of the top 6 European Soccer leagues
A rudimentary analysis of the strength of the top 6 European soccer leagues using data from .
R Bridge Course | Final Project
Final project for CUNY SPS R workshop for MSDS program.
R Bridge Course | Week 2 Assignment
Submitted for CUNY SPS MSDS R bridge program.
R Bridge | Week 1 Assignment
This is the first assignment for CUNY SPS MSDS R workshop, submitted by Prinon Mahdi.