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R Labs - Chapter4
R Labs - Chapter6
Econometrics: HW1
Regression Play
Showcasing examples of multiple activities involved in building regression models including variable selection, cross validation, model selection etc.
R Labs - Chapter7
Chapter 7
R Labs - Chapter5
Chapter 5
Final Group Project - Charity - Classification of DONR and Prediction of Donor Amount
By Priyanka Gagneja, Tyler Kertson, Andrei Rjedkin
R Labs - Chapter3
Chapter 3
R Labs - Chapter2
Chapter 2
R Labs from ISL Book(Trevor and Hastie)
This contains a quick tutorial or practise of R codes from the R Labs of the book Introduction to Statistical Learning & Elements of Statistical Learning partially.
Data Analysis & Visualization Solar Installations
Lets try to connect the dots using the customer and provider data on solar installations using dummy data.
Final Term - Data Analysis @ BC
Data Analysis Project - Ames Housing Data (Kaggle)
Final Term - Data Analysis @ BC
Ames Housing Price Prediction
HW7_Data Analysis @ BC
HW3 - Data Analysis Class (ADEC730102)
Practice problems on Probability Distribution