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Houston, Texas - Electricity Consumption Load and the Factors Driving the Consumption
An analysis using the statistical R programming language looks at the climate, population, and economic factors driving the electricity demand load in the Houston area.
Prostitution Arrests Rise During Super Bowl Period - Is the Myth Stronger than the Evidence?
The prime objective of the analysis was to explore whether there was a statistically significant spike in the number of prostitution related arrests in Miami-Dade County (MDC), during the four days (Friday-Monday) centered around the eight Super Bowls held in MDC since 1971.
Annual Precipitation Forecasts for Los Angeles
Simple exponential smoothing is utilized on time series precipitation data to make forecasts for the annual rainfall in Los Angeles, California, USA for the years 2016 to 2019.
Trends in Los Angeles Climate - October to April
This exploratory analysis looks at the trends in temperature and precipitation during the seven months from October to April for the city of Los Angeles, California, USA.
The user enters a phrase minus the last word into the app, and the app will suggest the next best word.
Word Prediction Algorithm - Exploratory Analysis
This report presents the exploratory data analysis for the next word prediction app. algorithm
Presentation - Visualization App for the Central Limit Theorem
Information pertaining to the Visualization App for the Central Limit Theorem.
City of Los Angeles - January Climatology: Years 1945 to 2015
The January precipitation, mean temperature and the average minimum temperature for the city of Los Angeles, California, USA is plotted for the years 1945 to 2015.
Particulate Matter 2.5 Emissions From Coal Combustions Operations in the United States: 1999-2008
Exploratory data analysis is used to answer the following question: Across the United States, how has Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) emissions from coal combustion related sources changed from the years 1999 to 2008 ?
My Mountain Retreat
So basic tidbits about my favorite mountain.
City of Los Angeles January Precipitation: 1945-2015
A 3D interactive plot of Los Angeles January precipitation for the years 1945 to 2015. The data has been split to show precipitation patterns for the above average January precipitation years, and also the precipitation patterns during the average (2.58 inches) or below average January precipitation years. Interesting also to note that the average January minimum temperature of the city seems to show overall an increasing trend.
Model for Human Activity Recognition - Weight Lifting
Machine Learning model to predict the manner in which weight lifting exercise was performed.
The Impact of Automatic or Manual Transmission on Automobile Fuel Economy
Is an automatic or manual transmission better for a car mileage? What is the MPG difference between automatic and manual transmissions?
Exponential Distribution and Comparison with the Central Limit Theorem
The goal of the analysis was to determine whether the distribution of the means and the variance of 1000 samples, each with 40 random exponentials, behave as predicted by the Central Limit Theorem.
Weather Events, Public Health Effects and Economic Consequences
Weather Events that Caused the Highest Public health and Economic problems in the United States for the Time Period Between 1950 and 2011