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technical documentation for roadmap project
How frequently do you think about meaning and purpose in life?
This graph compares the breakdown of a survey response for two waves (2005-2009 and 2010-2014) in the World Values Survey.
New York City Council Meetings: A Primer
Exploratory graphs using the New York City Council Meetings data pulled from Legistar.
Visualizing District 7 Issues
Using NYC Open Data to understand the common issues facing Council District 7.
Automatic or Manual: A regression analysis using the mtcars dataset
Coursera Regression Models Course Project
Predicting the Quality of Weight Lifting Exercises
Coursera Practical Machine Learning Course Project
Reproducible Research - Peer Assessment 2
Coursera Data Specialization Course Project
Reproducible Research - Peer Assessment 1
Coursera Data Science Specialization Course Project