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initial analysis
PST010 draft 2018-2019
ACE results (no log transform)
Without the log transform
ACE results
Clearer, more engaging science writing
Notes from a talk given 27 June, 2018 about engaging scientific writing.
Demonstrate fonts
distribution of p values
For Tim van der Zee
NYT plot
NYT plot
Picky eater puzzler answer
Picky eater puzzler answer
Demonstration of Bayes' theorem as selecting a subset
This demonstrates the link between Bayes' theorem and selecting a subset of the joint distribution for which a particular datum was observed.
Interactive BayesFactor objects
Jeff's draft blog post
Reproduce analysis of Müller & Rothermund
Attempt to replicate the analysis of Müller & Rothermund
BayesFactorExtras MCMC sneak preview
A sneak preview of MCMC features in the BayesFactorExtras package, including interactive MCMC objects created with knitr.
When logarithms don’t solve numerical instability
Exploration of various methods of computing the sample variance when values are represented logarithmically.
Demonstration of BayesFactor objects without custom print method
For this document, I did not load the BayesFactorExtras package
This document reproduces the regression prior plots from Rouder and Morey (2013).
Workshop: Bayes factors for linear models
Description of Bayes factor workshop
Using the BayesFactor package, version 0.9.0+
A manual for the BayesFactor package, version 0.9.0+