Kyle T. Rich

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Titanic- ML comparison
Using Titanic data set for example feature engineering, viz, and compare performance of different ML algorithms.
Machine learning intro in R: Support Vector Regression
SVM for regression
Machine learning intro in R: Logistic Regression
Logistic Regression for binary classification with AU/ROC analysis.
Machine learning intro in R: neural networks
Brief intro to neural networks in R for binary classification.
Machine learning intro in R: Classification
Iris kNN and and k-means clustering example (unfinished)
Autoregressive model (AR)
Autoregressive model (the 'AR' part of ARIMA modelling)
Time series in R: Change point detection
Identify change in mean or variance of a time series signal.
Time series in R: Stationarity testing
Conduct statistical testing of time series to determine if signal is stationary.