Russ Hyde

Recently Published

Contributing to R
Presentation for Glasgow R User's Group (2019-10-10) Mainly about making open source contributions & various tools related to that from the collaborators side
Statistical Bioinformatics
Generalisations of the linear model and how they are used in bioinformatics (mainly RNASeq analysis)
clean(ish) code: `dupree`
Intro to my package `dupree` for detecting duplicated code across sets of files / packages. Presented to `edinbR` users group, 2019-07-17
There's a tool for that
Discuss some automated tools to help software development in python
Mocking out functions with `mockery`
Some notes about why I needed to use the `mockery` mock/stub package while writing tests for one of my R packages
Code-Club [02]: t-tests, barcharts and error-bars
[SPOILER ALERT!] Code club script for the second POG code-club. Contains the solutions to all challenges. To get the original challenge script, go to
`polyply` slides
Slides re a package I've been working on. As presented at Edinburgh R-User's Group 2018-07-18
Code Club 1.0: Boxplots
Introduces boxplots in ggplot2 and base R. Gives some info on how to construct a boxplot by hand. Part of a set of code-club challenge scripts that are available at Contains spoilers
Code Club 0.0 - Revision of Scatter Plots
Introduction to using R-markdown in R-studio. Scatter plots of the `Hills` dataset using `ggplot2`.
Dose-Response Curve Analysis
A basic workshop using `drc` and `ggplot` to analyse/plot dose-response curves. Includes the solutions to the challenges
R introduction and ggplot2 workshop
Basic intro to data visualisation in R. Some stuff on base-R graphics and a lot more on ggplot2.