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Outreach Fastest Growing Churches
A visualization of the fastest growing churches in the United States, 2015-2022
SBC Statistics
Statistics About the Southern Baptist Convention
Congregations Per County
Gun Control Statistics
A DT for Gun Control Statistics in the CES 2022
Tutorial Day One
Day One Tutorial
Regression and Interaction
Fall 2020 Tutorial - Basics
Fall 2020 Tutorial for Research Methods
Joins and Scatters
Power Plants
Mapping Power Plants
Logit Regression
Logit Tutorial
ANES Religion
Perceptions of Evangelicals
R Tutorial Fall of 2019
Interactions Tutorial
How to use interactions in R
Regression Walkthrough
Jefferson County Population
Jefferson County Population
Jeff Co Population
Jeff Co Population Map
Dodged Bars
Leaflet Map of Iowa
Word Cloud
Change in Evangelicals
New Case When Function
Grad Student Tutorial
Evan GSS
Columbus Churches
Dash Prototype
Alabama Evangelicals
Here's some data about Alabama
State by State Evangelical Comparisons
Which state has liberal evangelicals? Which state has conservative evangelicals? This is all evangelicals who are not African-American
Not Single Population, Thirty and Below
What state young singles?
Intermediate R
Mean and Median, Outlers, Standard Deviation, Confidence Intervals, Correlations, and Regress
Basic R Commands
Tabyl, Filter, Mutate, Crosstabs, Recodes, Group By and Summarise
A project for NARAL of Ohio.
Nominal Evangelicals
ggplot and a leaflet map
Mapping Slot Machine Revenue
Slot Machine Revenue for Cities in Illinois in March 2017
Colleges on the Watchlist
Mapping the 177 Private Colleges that Fail Education Dept.’s Financial-Responsibility Test
Marketing Majors Map
Abortion and Gay Marriage
A longitudinal analysis of GSS data on abortion and gay marriage. Breakdowns by reltrad and age.
Rural and Evangelical
How did Trump do among rural, evangelical counties? Pretty well.
Loading Data into R
A step by step tutorial on how to find good data and load it into R.
Regression Tutorial
Using recodes, linear models, and logit regression. Also includes the dotwhisker package.
T Tests and Correlations
A lot of tutorial about how to set up and run a t-test and a correlation. Using the corrmap package, ggplot, etc.
Filter Practice
Basic filters, along with filtering on multiple conditions. Additionally, filtering and plotting in one line of code.
A step by step of ggplot2
Workshop in R - Day 1
Which Schools are in Trouble in Illinois?
How many public schools in Illinois could survive without state funding? When would the money run out?
MAP Grants
Created a dashboard to view some stats on MAP grants in the state of Illinois
Trump Transcript
A text analysis of Trump's meeting with evangelical leaders.
Church Finances
From January 2011 to May 2016
Do Lefties Make More Money?
An analysis of pitchers salaries in MLB to determine if being left handed is a "premium" over right handed pitchers
Clustering Evangelicals
Are evangelicals distinct from the average American? How so?
Kobe Bryant Shooting
Did Kobe Bryant shoot better against certain opponents? How bad was his decline near the end of his career?
Trump and Evangelicals
A county level view of Trump's success with evangelical Christians.
Max Out of Pocket in the ACA
Are families paying more under the ACA? An analysis of famliy MOOP in the first two years of the Affordable Care Act.
Mapping Islam
Creating a map of Eurasia to visualize the spread of Islam out from the Middle East
Infusion Co-Pays
A look at how different ACA plans charge individuals for infusion therapy
The Affordable Care Act
Do blue states have better health care coverage than red states? Do liberals have to pay more than conservatives?
Hipster Names
A quick analysis of baby naming trends over the last 100 years.
Trump in Illinois
An analysis of Donald Trump's vote share in the Illinois Primary
Trump in Michigan