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Webscraping in R
This is an introductory tutorial on webscraping in R. It relies on the rvest package and is aimed at complete beginners.
Web Scraping with Rvest
Web scraping is a method of gathering data from websites and is the basis of data science. In this tutorial, you will learn three techniques for scraping web sites that will allow you to build your own scraper. All of the code will be available online for participants.
This analysis combines the world input-output tables with Yale's Environmental Performance Index (EPI) data for 2016. While no significant results are found, this exploratory analysis lays the groundwork for further research into sectoral drivers of environmental degradation/poor environmental performance.
US Location Quotients
This post examines the location quotients in the US, identifying sectors that are commonly found in the same county. The map shows composite variables made up of weighted location quotients based on a factor analysis for all US counties.
Is Beijing’s air quality improving?
We found that the air quality in Beijing, as measured by PM2.5 levels and concentrations, hit a 5-year low in February 2016. This can be shown simply with our data visualization here.
Location Quotient for NAICS 2-digit Codes by County
This post shows how to get 2-digit NAICS codes by county for every county in the US. Once the location quotients are retrieved, I calculate national location quotients for each county. For a principle component analysis of the data, see my post
Housing PCA
2014 housing units by price per unit for each type of dwelling unit