Sajal Sharma

Recently Published

Inferential Statistics: Do men or women oppose sex education?
Using the GSS (General Social Survey) dataset to infer if, in the year 2012, were men, of 18 years or above in the United States, more likely to oppose sex education in public schools than women.
ML Micro Project: Decision Trees and Random Forests
Using Decision Trees and Random Forests to classify schools as Private or Public based off their features.
ML Logistic Regression Micro Project
Predicting salary class of a person using logistic regression. Demonstrates applied ML knowledge.
Moneyball: Analysing and replacing lost players
Exploration of baseball data for the year 2001 to look at replacements for key players lost by the Oakland A's in 2001. Inspired by the book/movie: Moneyball.
Data Visualization: Corruption and Human Development
A scatter plot for the relationship between the 'Human Development Index' and the 'Corruption Perceptions Index' of countries.
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) 2013: Exploratory Data Analysis
Exploratory analysis of the BRFSS-2013 data set, focusing on investigating the relationship between education and eating habits, sleep and mental health, and smoking, drinking and general health of a person.