Sameer Padhye

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Indian air pollution trends
The study aimed at studying the recent air pollution patterns across different states in India using a dataset from the year 2005-2015. The work also looked at the efficacy of categorizing different types of 'zones' (Residential, Industrial..) based on the pollutant data using multinomial regression modeling.
RFM analysis and customer segmentation
The work aims to calculate the Recency, Frequency and Monetary value of customers and categorizing them into a specific customer group. This is carried out using an eCommerce dataset
Exploratory data analysis (EDA) of an eCommerce dataset
The main aim of the project was to perform exploratory data analysis using an eCommerce dataset for the year 2011 (downloaded from kaggle). Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) based on Revenue and Customer numbers along with Unit economics like Average Revenue per Customer (ARPU) were calculated in order to observe trends if/any in the dataset
Large branchiopod crustaceans of arid regions of the Maharashtra state, India
The project involves survey, collection and analyses of large branchiopod crustacean species communities from the arid regions of Maharashtra state, India. These animals are characteristically found in temporary water bodies. Specific aims include 1. Identifying the species collected 2. Data Summarization, Visualization and Exploratory data analysis of the environmental and species occurrence data (along with GIS mapping of the localities) 3. Understanding the species co-occurrences and assemblages
A/B testing
The project details the A/B testing analysis of a clickstream data using two variants of a webpage. The main aim of the work is to determine which variant has a higher conversion rate and whether this variation is significant or not
Extracting information from scanned documents
The main aim of this project is to extract relevant information from scanned pdfs. As the first part of the work, the objective was to extract country names from scanned pdf documents. This information is relevant in certain life science fields like Taxonomy and Biogeography. Specific aims were 1. To extract a set of meaningful words from the text 2. Extract country names from the set 3. Visualization of those countries using maps
Changes in Species diversity post beautification in Pashan water reservoir,Pune,India
The project was conducted to study how haphazard beautification of a small water reservoir in Pune, India affected the zooplankton diversity. The results clearly showed that pre and post beautification periods had significantly different diversity patterns. Species richness clearly decreased in the post beautification period.
Exploring the distributional patterns of a pan tropical freshwater crustacean species
This project aims to study the distributional patterns of a pan tropically occurring crustacean species and explores the environmental differences/similarities in the region where it occurs. It also provides information on the strength of association of environment with distance w.r.t. this species's localities