Francois Schonken

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Sentence Builder Pitch Deck
A simple word prediction algorithm optimised for limited memory footprint environments.
Data Science - Capstone - Milestone
The goal of this report is to explore the corpus from HC Corpora (, get a feel for the data and consider how we can use it to create a prediction engine. The HC Corpora data set consists of plain text files with blog, news and twitter data spanning multiple languages. I will be focussing on the english (en_US) data set in this report.
BMR inspired Calorie Planner
*This App tries to help clarify some of the mystery around BMI, BMR, Calorie Deficits and continued weight loss. Simply put, this is the Calorie Planner I've always wanted.
Human Activity Recognition Machine Learning
This report endeavours to apply machine learning the Human Activity Recognition Weight Lifting Exercises Dataset in an effort to predict the classe of a sinlge bi-cep curl.
Exploring Health and Economic impact of severe weather events
Using the U.S.A. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Storm Data spanning 1950 through November 2011 this report endeuvours to address the following two question: - Which types of events are most harmful with respect to population health? - Which types of events have the greatest economic consequences?