Sean Angiolillo

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Comparing Automatic vs. Manual Transmission in Terms of Fuel Efficiency via Linear Regression
Exploring the effect of automatic or manual transmission on fuel efficiency using a variety of linear regression models
Supervised Learning: Classification of Physical Exercise
Exploring a simple ML workflow to predict the classification of physical exercise from accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data
Comparative Thematic Mapping with Mapdeck
This blog compares common thematic map types, such as choropleths, dot density maps, and proportional symbols maps, through a dataset of household access to electricity and latrines in India.
Investigating 2016 PA Presidential Election Contributions
EDA of Pennsylvania's campaign finance data from the 2016 Presidential Election
Mapping Dosas
Mapping growth of Saravana Bhavan restaurants around the world
DSS Capstone Slides
Slides for capstone project of JHU Data Science Specialization on Coursera
Data Science Capstone Milestone Report
Milestone report documenting progress towards predictive text app in support of Coursera JHU Data Science Specialization Capstone
Plotly Assignment
Submission for Week 3 assignment of Developing Data Products course of Coursera Data Science Specialization
Predicting Survival on the Titanic
Presentation introducing Shiny app that predicts probability of Titanic survival based on a simple logistic regression model in submission of Developing Data Products assignment
DDP Leaflet Submission
Submission for R Markdown and Leaflet Assignment in Developing Data Products course of the Coursera Data Science Specialization
U.S. Health Consequences and Economic Damage from Severe Weather Events (1950-2011)
This is my submission for JHU Data Science Reproducible Research Peer Assignment 2.