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EREM (Egocentric relational event model) working example following Marcum & Butts (2015)
This is an intructory tutorial on egocentric relational event modeling (EREM) going through the worked example in Marcum and Butts (2015) using their informR package and the relational event modeling package “relevent”. You can find the original paper and source code at Marcum & Butts (2015). The main difference here is that I’ve added interleaved my comments with the code. The example will however make a lot more sense if you read through Marcum and Butts’ paper first (and they also go into a lot more detail).
Percentage of positive and negative agreement (popana)
Calculating percentage of positive and negative agreement for a 2x2 contingency table (including Bayesian interval estimates)
CI for Spearman's rho
Ci for rho with Fieller or Bonett-Wright correction
Egon Pearson Chi-Square corrected goodness-of-fit test
Egon Pearson N-1 correction to K Pearson Chi-square goodness of fit test
NSS plot
Code to demonstrate how one might plot NSS data using R
Get p value from Pearson's r
VIF and multicollinearity diagnostics
Helper function to extract VIF and other diagnostics from a model using the mutest package
CI for differences in independent R square coefficients
R code for a CI of the difference between independent R square coefficients based on Zou (2007)