Vladislav Kargin

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A lab about basic hypothesis tests.
A lab about confidence intervals.
A lab about the consistency and bias of estimators.
This is a lab about the basics of R, it is a modified version of a lab from the book "Introduction to Statistical Learning with applications in R" (ISLR)
Math448_F2022 HW4
A homework assignment on linear regression.
Math448_F2022 HW3
A homework assignment on hypothesis testing.
Math448_F2022 HW2
A homework assignment on large sample confidence intervals.
Math448_F2022 Prediction by linear regression and model comparison
A couple of examples for prediction and model comparison in the framework of multiple linear regression
Math448_F2022 Multiple Linear Regression
Several examples about estimating multiple linear regression.
Math448_F2022 Simple Linear Regression
A couple of examples for simple linear regression.