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WRISP Report 2022-23
WRISP match injuries for seasons 2017/18 - 2022/23
This page shows the incidence rate, mean days missed, median days missed, burden, and median burden of all Premier 15s match injuries incurred between the 2017/18 season and the 2021/22 season. Injuries are classed by their general injury description (e.g., Knee sprain/ligament); more specific diagnoses (e.g., ACL ruptures) can then be view by clicking on this category. You can search for a specific injury or injury grouping using the search bar below:
WRISP Report 2021-22
Injury Severity Guide
This page shows the number of days taken to return-to-play (RTP) for injuries recorded in the Premier League Academy injury and illness surveillance project dataset since 2014-15.
WRISP Report 2020-21
WRISP Report 2019-20