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Aggregate Productivity Growth (APG) Decomposition (for Belgium)
Growth accounting Exercise with Solow production function, Hick's Neutral case and Harrod's Neutral case using PWT. APG growth accounting to differentiate technological gain and reallocation gain using industry-level microdata published by EUKLEMS.
The Effectiveness of Chile's Inflation Targeting Policy (1991 - 2017)
Original title: Nguyen, T. Hong., Nguyen, H. Cong., Tran, Q. Thanh., Tác động của chính sách lạm phát mục tiêu đến tăng trưởng kinh tế Chile và bài học kinh nghiệm cho Việt Nam, Tạp chí Kinh tế Đối ngoại No.114/2019, p. 83 - 103 Our estimation shows that inflation target policy enabled economic growth to be 20% higher in Chile. The data were collected from 1980q1 to 2017q4.
Econometrics I 2020 Term-end
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