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The Effectiveness of Chile's Inflation Targeting Policy (1991 - 2017)
Original title: Nguyen, T. Hong., Nguyen, H. Cong., Tran, Q. Thanh., Tác động của chính sách lạm phát mục tiêu đến tăng trưởng kinh tế Chile và bài học kinh nghiệm cho Việt Nam, Tạp chí Kinh tế Đối ngoại No.114/2019, p. 83 - 103 Chile has adopted the inflation targeting monetary policy framework since 1991. The output growth ever since has remained high and economic volatility reduced. In this framework, we employed an OLS model to confirm the impact of this change in policy conduct on economic growth. Our estimation shows that thanks to the policy, economic growth has been more than 20% higher. The data were collected from 1980q1 to 2017q4.
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