Akshaj Verma

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Deep Neural Net from scratch using base R
Binary classification using a neural network with a 'L' hidden layers with a vectorized implementation of backpropagation developed from scratch using base R.
R Pokemon Legendary
Ggplot Em All
Kaggle User Survey 2019 | Dashboard
A dashboard developed with R, flexdashboard, and highcharter to analyze women's representation in the field of data science using the survey conducted by Kaggle in Oct, 2019.
Shallow Neural Net from Scratch Using R
In this notebook, we will perform binary classification using a neural network with a single hidden layer. We will develop this neural net from scratch using base R and write a vectorized form of backpropagation.
Schools in Need | PassNYC
The goal of this project is to increase the diversity in Specialized High Schools in New York by identifying underperforming schools through geo-spatial analysis and unsupervised clustering using R and tidyverse. Under-performing schools were identified and ranked so that PASSNYC and its partners can provide outreach services in these specialized high schools which will improve the chances of students taking the SHSAT and receiving placements.