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Support Vector Machine - Salary Predication
To Prepare a classification model using SVM for salary data
Support Vector Machine - ForestFire Dataset
Prepare support vector machines model for classifying the area under fire for forestfires data
Neural Networks - 50startups - ANN
Build a Neural Network model for 50_startups data to predict profit
Neural Networks - Concrete file - ANN
Prepare a model for strength of concrete data using Neural Networks
Principle Component Analysis(PCA) - Wine data
Perform Principal component analysis and perform clustering using first 3 principal component scores (both heirarchial and k mean clustering(scree plot or elbow curve) and obtain optimum number of clusters and check whether we have obtained same number of clusters with the original data
Text Mining - ClinicalTrail -Hepatocellular Carcinoma
To extract the clinical trails performed on HCC and predict the overall outcome of the trails using word cloud and sentimental analysis
IMDB Reviews - AquaMan - Text Mining
Extracted the Customer reviews from IMDB on the movie “AQUAMAN” and performed wordcloud and # Sentimental analysis on the same.
Ecommerce Website Reviews - Amazon - Gaming Laptop
Extract reviews from Amazon on Gaming Laptop and perform sentimental analysis on the same.
Text Mining,WordCloud and Sentimental Analysis - Twitter
Extracted the Facebook User on their tweets(from twitter) and performed wordcloud and Sentimental analysis on the same
Salary Prediction using Naive Bayes Model
To Predict whether the salary is greater or lesser than 50K using Naive Bayes Model.
HAM\SPAM classification - NB Model
Classification of HAM\SPAM message using Naive Bayes Model
KNN Algorithm- Glass Dataset - Alternate Method
Method 2 - Prepare a model for glass classification using KNN
KNN Algorithm - Glass Dataset
Prepare a model for glass classification using KNN
KNN Algorithm - Zoo Dataset
Implement a KNN model to classify the animals in to categories.
Prediction/Diagnosis of Tumor using Random Forest
To Predict whether the tumor is Benign or Malignant using Random Forest
Random Forest- Predict the IRIS dataset
Random Forest- Predict the IRIS dataset
Random Forest - Predict on Risky Vs Good Customer on Fraud Check Data
To Predict on Risky Vs Good Customers on Fraud Check using Random Forest
Random Forest - Predict on high sales of Company Data
Predict the high sales of Company data using Random Forest
MRF Stock Prediction using Auto Arima Model
Predict the Stock value for MRF using Auto Arima Model
Plastic Sales Prediction using AutoArima Model
Predict the sales of Plastic for the next 10 years using Auto Arima Model
CocaCola Sales Forecast using AutoArima Model
Predict the Sales for Cocacola for the next 10 years using AutoArima Model
Airlines Time Series using Auto Arima Model
Predict the Passengers information for the next 10 years using Auto Arima Model
Coca Cola Time Series Forecast
Predict the Time Series Forecast of Cocacola using RMSE value
Time Series Forecast - Airlines Data
Capture the Time Series Forecast on Airline Data
Association Rules - Groceries Data
To capture the association rules for groceries data and analyze their support, confidence and lift ratio.
Association Rules - Transaction Detail
To capture the association rules and observe their confidence, support and lift ratios.
Association Rules - MyMovies Data
To Observe different set of rules for movies data and capture their confidence, Support and Lift ratios
Association Rules - Book Data
To Observe the Support ,Confidence level using apriori algorithm for Association Rules
Decision Tree - Fraud Data
To Prepare a model on fraud data to check on the probability of Risky Vs Good. Risky patients -Taxable Income <= 30000
Decision Tree - Company Data
To Capture the Attribute that causes high sales for the Clothing manufacturing Company
Kmeans Clustering - CrimeData
CrimeData using KMeans Clustering
KMeans Clustering - EWAirlines
East West Airlines using KMeans Clustering:
Hierarchical Clustering - Crime Data
Crime Data - Clustering Using Euclidean and Complete Linkage Method.
HClustering - EastWestAirlines
East West Airlines - Clustering Using Euclidean and ward.D2 Linkage Method.
Logistic regression Model - Affairs Model
To Predict whether the probability or chances of having an extra marital affairs for a person based on the given Input.
Multilinear Regression - 50_Startups_Data
Prepare a prediction model for profit of 50_startups data using multi linear regression.Do transformations for getting better predictions of profit and make a table containing R^2 value for each prepared model.
Multilinear Regression - Computer data - Sales Prediction
This model is to predict the sales of the Computer using speed, hd, ram, screen size, cd, multi,premium,ads and trend.
Simple Linear Regression - Salary Hike and Years of Experience
Build a prediction model to predict the salary hike based on years of experience.
Linear Regression Model on Calories Consumed
This model details the prediction results on how a patients weight has gained based on the calories consumed.
Simple Linear Regression - Delivery Time and Sorting Time
To predict delivery time based on sorting time
Logistic Regression Model - Bank Data
Logistic Regression Model - Bank Data. To Predict whether a client has taken a Fixed Deposit or not.
Multilinear Regression_toyota Corolla
Predicting the Price of Toyota Corolla based on Age, Kilometer ran for, Horse Power, Doors, Gears, CC, Quarterly Tax and Weight.
Simple Linear Regression - Salary Hike and Churn out Rate
Build a prediction model for Churn_out_rate