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Getting Started
A few quick thoughts for learning R
NZ Babynames
New Zealand top 100
NZ Middle-age Death Rate
Death rates over time by gender for New Zealand
Canada and USA an NZ birth rates
Baby Boom period birth rates for Canada and USA and New Zealand
New Zealand Census Religion Visualisation
National Totals from the census since 1850
Streamgraph Test
Trying out a streamgraph
The Mystic Wordinator
milestone report
plotting support relationships in item sets
Hexmaps in R
How to make Hexmaps, or (more correctly) hexagonal cartograms
Kite Graphs in R
a walkthrough of working out how to create kite graphs in R
Adding Slidify To Github
A fallback, step by step guide for Slidify onto Github, intended for people in the JHU Developing Data Products course on Coursera, if they get in a tangle adding the material themselves.
Presentation to RPubs, things to be careful of.
Some advice on getting Presentations onto RPubs, for people doing the Developing Data Products course on Coursera.
Explaining my thinking with a for loop
Downloading Tips
Subsetting Guide
A walkthrough of some options when subsetting data with the square brackets
Nicer basic plots
A quick tutorial showing some of the basic plotting settings
On the past decade