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Campaign Plan
Shantinagar: 2014 results
Results of 2014 LS elections for Shantinagar constituency
Review of BBMP Finances, Part 1 Trade License
This is a review of the trade license data Published by BBMP. The data from BBMP was converted to CSV using tabula and processed in R
BBMP Demographics 2012-2015, Voter list analysis
A prelim check of the voter record from 2012 to 2015.
Analysis of over 300+ Toll roads data published by NHAI
The earliest still operating tollbooth is at Gangadhar Bridge ( Bridges ) which was built at a capital cost of 4.84 crores and started commercial operation in 1983-04-01 After that, toll building started taking off in the 2000’s with the maximum number of toll booths commissioned during the UPA-2 government. Today we have 375 Toll locations across India. These toll booths were constructed at a cost of 2.5002 Lakh Crores. The cost of 32 toll booths is not known. The average cost per km of road is 16.2311 Crores. min is 0.0244 max is 257.2293 median is 8.5621
Coursera assignment #2
Analysis of disaster Data for USA
Bangalore Demographics - Voter List Jan 2013
Demographic analysis of Bangalore based on the Jan2013 Voter List.
Demographic analysis of Bangalore -1
Using the voters list available @ the CEO's website we analyse the ward wise demographic pattern in Bangalore
Analysis of BBMP election 2015
BBMP (Bangalore municipal corporation) elections were held in August 2015. This document is a statistical analysis of the Election results and the current ground situation in Bangalore