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Österreich NRW 2019: Veränderung Wahlbeteiligung und Stimmanteil
How it the change in turnout related to change of parties' voteshare.
(Very) Brief analysis of supporters publicly listed on Sebastian Kurz’s campaign website
Sebastian Kurz is the Austrian Peoples’ Party (List Kurz/ÖVP) leading candidate for the upcoming general elections and according to all opinion polls bound to secure most of the votes. Pursuing an electoral campaign which has deliberately put him as an individual into the center (rather than his party) and portrayed his campaign as a broad ‘movement’ (rather than a traditional party contest), his website invites visitors to ‘join’ by submitting their names to a public list of supporters. The following is a brief analysis of some of the information publicly available on these supporters, implemented in R.
Austrian General Elections 2017: 'Silberstein Affair' on twitter
Number of tweets per minute containing 'Silberstein' within text Observed period: Saturday, 30/9/17, 11:00 hrs to Wednesday, 4/10/17, 12:00 hrs
Silberstein & Co on twitter
selected twitter traffic in relation to 'Silberstein' affair, 30 Sep to 2 Oct 2017
ORF Sommergespräche: Descriptive analysis of Twitter hashtag #orfsg17
In the run-up to the general elections in October 2107, the Austrian Broadcasting Agency (ORF) invited each of the leading candidates (in one case 'only' the party chair) of Austria's main political parties for a one-hour, televised conversation. The following entry is a largely descriptive analysis of the tweets which were sent during these ORF-Sommergespräche ('ORF summer talks') and featured the widely used #orfsg17 hashtag.