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GA Rmd demo
Content Recommendation Engine with R, OpenCPU and GTM
OpenCPU enables R to speak to GTM which enables exciting possibilities. Here an exmaple of a content recommendation engine is used, using Google Tag Manager to handle the JavaScript of a Markov model created in R.
Machine Learning with Web Anaytics - MeasureCamp 2015
Two examples of machine learning using Random Forests and K-Means
Google Trends into R demo
GA Effect - Your Numbers Are Lying - Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen
Presentation given at WAW on June 17th by Mark Edmondson on GA Effect.
R in a digital analytics workflow
Demo: linking GA and CRM data Presentation I gave at #MeasureCamp on the 20th of Septemeber, 2014. Thanks to all who attended! Please get in touch on twitter at @holomarked or email