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Algebra of Sets
Principal Component Analysis
MANOVA Test Statistics
Discriminant Analysis
Trace of a Matrix
The Secant Method in R
Multiple Regression
Simple Linear Regression
Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient
Spearman's rank correlation coefficient, or Spearman's correlation coefficient, as the name suggests, is a nonparametric approach to measuring correlation using rank values. This post will explore Spearman's correlation coefficient and its calculation.
Measuring Linear Relationships with Pearson’s r
Pearson's Correlation is the strength of linear association between two variables. This example will explore correlation in the Pearson setting using R.
Kruskal-Wallis Post-Hoc Comparison Test
The Kruskal-Wallis test extends the Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon Rank Sum test for more than two groups. The test is nonparametric similar to the Mann-Whitney test and as such does not assume the data are normally distributed and can, therefore, be used when the assumption of normality is violated.
Post-Hoc Analysis with Tukey’s Test
Post-hoc analysis of the PlantGrowth dataset using Tukey's test is explored with several package implementations as well as manual calculations.
ANOVA for Comparing More than Two Groups
An example of performing ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) on data with more than two groups. How to manually calculate ANOVA will also be explored to verify the results.
Measuring Cabbages with Mann-Whitney
An example of using the Mann-Whitney U test for testing a hypothesis. Manual calculations of the test are also explored.
Estimation and Hypothesis Testing with Confidence Intervals
Using confidence intervals for estimation and testing hypotheses.
Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing with University Professor Salaries
Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing introduction and examples.
Predicting Extramaterial Affairs with Decision Trees and R
An example of using classification decision trees to model and predict responses.
Quick introduction to logistic regression with example data set.