interactive charts in R

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Animated transitions between charts. Morphing views show different aspects of the data.
Hierarchical data and charts
A hierarchy tree presentation of the classic Titanic R dataset. Tree and sunburst charts with morphing animation.
Acoustic charts
Thanks to chart2music we can now provide enhanced accessibility with hotkey controlled sounds.
satellites on 3D Globe full-screen
see "Spacewalk with R and echarty"
Art Calendar
Calendar of museum art exhibitions
500 years of wars
Data extraction from Wikipedia, wars data shown in timeline, comparison and summary charts
echarty does crosstalk with other web controls
Gapminder data on a map using crosstalk
interactivity between different widgets that display the same data
Data models
Data storage in echarty follows the ECharts format
Spacewalk with R and echarty
Interactive 3D application with ECharts 3D Globe real-time satellite data filtered by altitude charts: scatter3D for satellite location, bar3D for beams and lines3D for tracks controls: hover icons, timeline play/stop, animations toggle, zoom/rotate globe
Global Internet Speed
Interactive map with pan, zoom, slider filter and tooltips. Live data from
echarty geo map
Ship tracks with navigation timeline
ecStat demo
statistical plugin included in echarty
Chart selection demo
switching charts without Shiny
echarty svg demo
interactive charts with R library 'echarty'