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Chi-Squares in R
Person Perception 1: Two-Level Models in SPSS & R
Comparison of MIXED in SPSS and GLS in R for two-level models
Data Visualization in R
Lab 3 - Data Visualization in R for Regression Spring 2024. Topics: 1. Intro to the layers of ggplot (data, aes, geom) 2. Changing the aesthetics (shape, color, size, fill, alpha) 3. Scatterplots 4. Histograms 5. Boxplots 6. Bar Graphs 7. Line Graphs BONUS: Animated Graphs
Data Manipulation in R
Lab 2 - Data Manipulation in R for Regression Spring 2024. Topics: 1. Introduction to basic data manipulation (mutate, select, filter, summarize) 2. Applying dplyr to real data 3. Intermediate data manipulation (change var class, lapply, composite scores, conditional mutate) 4. Restructuring datasets (wide to long, long to wide) 5. Writing your own functions 6. Using correlations to inspect your data
Introduction to R
Lab 1 for Regression Spring 2024. Topics: 1. Different R Platforms 2. R Grammar 3. Installing and Loading Libraries 4. Using Functions 5. Importing datasets