Mary Muthee

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Fresh Life Toilets
An interactive web map showing Fresh Life Toilets (FLTs), waste consolidation and collection centers, in existing areas of operation.
A map showing confirmed cases of Cholera in Mandera East , Kenya.
Designated Police Stations In Nairobi
I mapped designated police stations and police posts in Nairobi County using R. This document contains the code and also the output map
Covid-19 Vaccination Uptake In Kenya
This interactive map shows the rate of covid-19 vaccination uptake in Kenya per counties. It comprises of those who are partially vaccinated(one-dose) and fully vaccinated (two doses). Kenya Health Facilities have also been mapped
This web map shows Kenya's tourist attraction sites, protected areas(Game parks, National Reserves, National Parks and Forest Reserves), hotels and fueling stations. The main objective is to enhance tourism in Kenya. The map has a measure distance feature which the tourists can use to locate how far or near some of these amenities or sites are from their location.