Michele Nuijten

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Manual statcheck 1.3.0
This manual provides detailed instructions for the installation and use of the free R package "statcheck: Extract statistics and recompute p-values" (Epskamp & Nuijten, 2018). This version contains a small update to the previous manual in the syntax of the Mac commands.
Extra Analysis Nuijten et al. (in press): The Influence of Wrongly Read t2/F2 Tests
In Nuijten et al. (in press) we used statcheck to estimate the error prevalence in psychology. However, a bug in statcheck caused item analyses reported as "t2(...) = ... , p = ..." or "F2(...." to be read as chi-square tests. In this manuscript I conclude the estimated error prevalence in Nuijten et al. is not substantively affected by this bug.