Phillip M. Alday

Recently Published

Convergence in lme4 and Singular Fits
a brief description of how model fitting works in lme4, including the need for different optimizers and why maximal models and gradient-based convergence tests interact poorly
Explicit GLM(M) Equivalents for Standard Tests
Reformulation of standard tests as explicit regression, which allows for easier extension to the repeated-measures case.
"Advanced" (Mixed) Models Gallery
A gallery of some potentially useful extensions to the GLM and "advanced" modelling techniques
The perils of power (analysis)
Bayes isn't magic
An attempt to look at how Bayes and Frequentism differ from a slightly non-traditional perspective.
Linear Mixed-Effects Models
A common misapplication of statistical inference: nuisance control with null-hypothesis significance tests
Static simulation across various parameter settings for statfail