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David Leonhardt is correct about the ‘flip’ in covid-19 racial disparities
Contrary to the protests of many people involved with public health, David Leonhardt is correct. Covid-19 death rates have recently "flipped" on an age-adjusted basis!
Switzerland relative to USA
AHDI vs HCE plot for 2015 (includes Switzerland)
Response to some dude on MR
health by AHDI log-log 2015
Confusion of the inverse with continuous variables
A response to Preston Becker (and related inquiries)
OECD 2014 per capita expenditures estimates with respect to AIC
Note: Both the dependent and independent variables are per capita and adjusted with AIC PPP, as opposed to some other analyses I have conducted wherein the variables are estimates of real volume (adjusting for category specific price levels). These tend to have a markedly wider variance the the volume ones due to the interaction of volume and price effects!
Balance of payments as percentage of GDP
OECD 1970-2015 health share of consumption by real AIC per capita
With selected comps (UK, Japan, Greece, Norway, and Sweden)
International health expenditures by actual individual consumption
source: WorldBank 2011 ICP and WHO
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