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NWTC 04-18-24
SPICE 2023 analyses
Table 1
RMET/MASC Visit 3 analyses
NWTC - RMET behavioral data
NWTC meeting 06-01-2022
For NWTC meeting 04-06-22
Meeting 03-30-22
Meeting 03-07-22
Meeting 03-01-22
Meeting 01-24-22
RMET behavioral analyses
NOGIN 2021 slides
New EStroop ms analyses
OT gAAT behavioral analyses v2
Analyses following up on MFO meeting 5/30/19.
OT gAAT meeting 5-10-19
SPR 2019 ICA analyses
Reproducible Data Cleaning for OT fMRI Study
Includes scripts for all self-report data (baseline, baseline addendum, pre-fMRI, post-fMRI, 20-month follow-up) as well as randomization, OXTR genotype, salivary cortisol, gAAT behavioral data, resting state timing, and some additional variables. Last updated 02/07/2019.
MLM ADA #1 v2
Revised after peer feedback.
OT RT plots
Annotated data analysis (ADA) assignment #1 for Multilevel Modeling, Fall 2018. First draft to peer reviewers.
OT RT MLM analysis notes v3
MLM annotated data analysis #1 (draft 9/27/18)