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Text Prediction App
A project showcase for the John Hopkins University Data Science Specialization Capstone delivered through Coursera
Milestone Report
JHU Data Science Capstone - Milestone Report.
Exploring focal length with Exiftool and R
A good way to understand your shooting style and guide your future camera equipment buying decisions will be to discover your frequently used focal lengths. Focal Lengths can be extract from photos that have EXIF data, which in short refers to data on how these photos are taken. In this post, we are going to explore focal length usage with the flexible Exiftool and R.
Reproducible Research Peer Assignment 2
This report is produced in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Reproducible Research Course offered by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Coursera. This report describes processing and analytic steps performed on the Storm Events Database provided by the National Climatic Data Center and strives to provide analysis on the impact of weather events to the United States in terms of population health and economic consequences. This report concludes with displaying the top 10 events that cause the greatest casualties and greatest monetary damage.