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Feedback to 2nd year students doing BOTV211 for a practical exploring the dynamics of the fynbos and thicket coexistence in the dune systems on the University's nature reserve.
BOTV211 2020 Moodel Activity
A site for me to keep track of the student activity on my Moodle Module.
BOTV310: Presentation Feedback 2019
Some feedback regarding your presentations
Uesful R Code
That code that I always find really really useful, but can never quite remember...
Spekboom Water Loss Project ​— how low can you go
The trials and tribulations of Leigh-Ann Smit's 3rd year project. Rockin' it with the data!
Fire, Water and Weather
Some analyses for our group to talk about. Feel free to interpret.
Honeybush transplant experiment results
Preliminary results for the Honeybush transplant experiments
Vegetation of the Plain
CCAM Climate Simulations: MAP
The climate simulation mean annual precipitation for raw and bias-corrected datasets
CCAM Simulation Rainfall Zones V2
The rainfall zones based on bias-corrected CCAM simulations
Kaboega Weather Station Data
Practical 3 Feedback
Feedback from Practical 3 Part B for your scientific write-up (Part C)
Analyses of multiple species-level freezing tolerance assessments
Practical 1 - analyses
Some analyses conducted on the datasets. You will need to generate some of these on your own.
Appendix S1: Wand plant architecture in the Fynbos: testing the rodent herbivory hypothesis
These are additional analyses for a paper on wand-plant architecture
Standard Deviation versus Standard Error
An explanation of these two very different statistics.
Grimsson et al. (2017) J. Biogeog. Appendix Analyses
Additional analyses conducted for the paper entitled: A Winteraceae pollen tetrad from the early Paleocene of western Greenland, and the fossil record of Winteraceae in Laurasia and Gondwana
Walter-Lieth diagrams of CCAM Last Glacial Maximum simulations regionally downscaled over southern Africa at a 8 km resolution
WinterRainfall% during LGM
Botanist in the Machine: Expert Vegetation Classification for the Cape South Coast
Preliminary results from an expert-based model classification for the Cape south coast. Work in progress...
LGM Walter Leith Diagrams
Preliminary results from climate downscaling over South Africa