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Dugongs Growth Curve with Non Linear Bayesian Model
This tutorial discusses the growth curve of dugongs animals using statistical modeling techniques. The tutorial starts by estimating a frequentist linear model using log-transformed age as the predictor and length of animals as the response variable. The model provides a good fit to the data and its prediction performance is evaluated using a leave-one-out method. Then, the same model is estimated using a Bayesian approach with flat priors on the parameters. The Bayesian approach yields similar results to the frequentist approach but allows for incorporating prior knowledge and uncertainty. Finally, a non-linear model is used to estimate the growth curve using a Bayesian approach, providing more flexibility in modeling the growth trajectory. The tutorial provides a practical introduction to statistical modeling techniques, emphasizing the importance of model selection and evaluation.
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Tunisian Map by Leaflet
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Sankey Chart with Titanic Data
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Chapitre du cours data mining adressé aux étudiants de la 3ième année de l'ESSAI.
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Analyse Data HC,
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Cumulative number of Likes
This graph shows the cumulative sum of the number of likes in Trump and Hilary facebook official pages from Sept 1st, 2015 to Jan 31st, 2016.
Nombre de Likes cumumlés
Ce graphique montre le nombre de "Likes" cumulés dans la page Facebook officielle des personnalités suivantes : M. Marzouki, Mohsen Marzouk, Samia Abbou, Présidence de la république et Rached Ghannouchi.
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