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E. coli data from Story County, 2020-2023
Work in progress. Bear Creek was not successfully mapped.
Story County stream monitoring, 2024
Results of monthly grab samples analyzed by City of Ames lab, from 15 streams in Story County.
Paddling While Impaired
Interactive maps showing which sites in DNR's AQuIA database met or exceed recreation standards, based on E. coli data from 2020-2023. This version does not include code or technical details.
E. coli in Iowa (2020-2023)
Color coded map of E. coli geomeans for 2020-2023 recreational seasons, with R code and tables included.
Fall Snapshot 2023
Results from coordinated volunteer water monitoring events on Sept 19, 2023. Data was collected in Polk, Story, Boone, Hamilton, and Greene counties.
Spring snapshot 2023 results
So far, just Polk County results Work in progress
Story County stream monitoring 2023
Story County stream monitoring 2023
Water Monitoring in Story County, 2022
Results of monthly water testing of 15 streams in Story County, Iowa
A long tradition of citizen science
Results from Ioway Creek spring and fall watershed snapshots, going back to 2006
A long tradition of citizen science
Monitoring of Ioway Creek and its tributaries has gone on for more than a decade
Seasonal patterns in the South Skunk River
Data collected by the City of Ames in the South Skunk River is used to show seasonal patterns in water quality that can help provide context for May and October water quality snapshots.
Story County stream monitoring 2021
Results of monthly stream monitoring route in Story County, Iowa.
Apples and oranges
Comparisons between sites that were not sampled on the same schedule can be misleading
Indian Creek vs South Skunk River
Scripts for comparing a site to a reference site. These sites in DNR's ambient stream monitoring network can be used as a reference for their upstream tributaries
Upstream downstream comparison
Using DNR data to compare South Skunk River upstream and downstream of Squaw Creek.
WQP data for Story County
DNR data available in Story County
Surface water data from AQuIA database in Story County.
Overview of Iowater data in Story County
Number and timing of water quality tests by volunteers. South Skunk River HUC8 only.
The Power of Pairing
The City of Ames has been monitoring the South Skunk River on a weekly basis above and below its wastewater treatment system, the Water Pollution Control Facility, since 2003. There is a lot that could be done with this rich dataset, but we’ll look nitrate and total phosphorus from Jan 2011 to Sept 2020 to illustrate the value of long-term monitoring, and to demonstrate the power paired same-day observations for finding patterns amid the noise of weather variation. Pairing is an strategy that can boost the statistical power of smaller datasets as well.
draft e coli analysis
Story County stream monitoring heats up
Preliminary results of county-wide stream monitoring
Exploratory Data Analysis of the South Skunk River
Version 1.1 Prairie Rivers of Iowa is working with Story County and other partners to develop a plan for long-term stream monitoring to support environmental education and conservation projects. An essential step is exploring the data already being collected by the Iowa DNR to provide context for upstream monitoring sites.