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An example for improving intuition and interpretation of confidence intervals
AnnotationHub Simple Demo
An encode track
Workflow for multi-omics analysis with MultiAssayExperiment
This workshop demonstrates data management and analyses of multiple assays associated with a single set of biological specimens, using the `MultiAssayExperiment` data class and methods. It introduces the `RaggedExperiment` data class, which provides efficient and powerful operations for representation of copy number and mutation and variant data that are represented by different genomic ranges for each specimen.
EPIC 2018 - intro lab
curatedMetagenomicData, distances, PCA / PCoA
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Results of a survey given in BIOS 611 in 2015 and 2017
oral papillomavirus in cMD
messy example analysis
Lecture: linear modeling for microbiome data in R/Bioconductor
## Outline * Multiple linear regression + Continuous and categorical predictors + Interactions * Model formulae * Design matrix * Generalized Linear Models + Linear, logistic, log-Linear links + Poisson, Negative Binomial error distributions + Zero inflation
Lecture: Exploratory analysis of microbiome data in R/Bioconductor
## Outline - Statistical properties of metagenomic data - Distances for high dimensional data - Principal Components and Principal Coordinates Analysis - Alpha diversity
Applied Statistics for High-throughput Biology Day 2: distances, PCA, batch effects
Distances in high dimensions Principal Components Analysis Multidimensional Scaling Batch Effects Book chapter 7
Applied Statistics for High-throughput Biology Day 3: categorical data, exploratory data analysis
- Inference in high dimensions: multiple testing - Hypothesis testing for categorical variables - Fisher's Exact Test and Chi-square Test - Exploratory data analysis
Applied Statistics for High-throughput Biology Day 2: linear models
Linear and Generalized Linear Models, multiple testing
Applied Statistics for High-Throughput Biology 2017, day 1
Introduction to random variables and to R
CSAMA 2017 - Resampling Methods
Resampling: cross-validation, bootstrap, and permutation tests
Resampling Methods
Iowa Institute of Human Genetics 2017 bioinformatics short course
Analysis of Microbiome Data
Iowa Institute of Human Genetics 2017 bioinformatics short course
curatedMetagenomicData vignette
Book club - distances
Data Analysis for the Life Sciences, Chapter 8 section 1
BIOS 621 session 5
Loglinear models part 2
Pokemon GO data analysis with dplyr and ggplot2
BIOS 621 session 3
GLM review, interactions, model matrices
BIOS 621 session 2
Logistic regression as a GLM
BIOS 621 session 1
CSAMA 2016 Meta-analysis
curatedMetagenomicData and ExperimentHub example
A short demonstration of curatedMetagenomicData and ExperimentHub
Statistical analysis for metagenomic data
Focus on exploratory data analysis and regression
Applied Statistics for High-throughput Biology: Session 5
Distances, SVD, PCA, MDS
Trento Session 4 Lecture
Applied Statistics for High-throughput Biology: Session 3
Hypothesis testing
Trento Session 1 Lecture
Random Variables Intro to R
MultiAssayExperiment demonstration vignette
A demonstration of the use of MultiAssayExperiment on a toy dataset
Publish Document
Case study in meta-analysis of survival-associated genes in ovarian cancer
biocMultiAssay vignette
Meta-analysis for genomic data
Creating an eHub for TCGA ovarian cancer dataset.
OVC multi-assay QC analysis
Vignette for copy number / expression quality control analysis of TCGA ovarian cancer.
Iris dataset regression examples
for R Bootcamp August 19 2014
Introduction to R graphics
for R Bootcamp August 9, 2014