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Quarto document
Accessibility (of educational resources)
Source code at
ETH Zurich IRT
Image embed texting
DataFest 2019 - Judges
DataFest 2019 - Consultants
DataFest 2019 - Participants
Lesson emojis
UN Votes
Sample doc for the Preparing to Teach workshop at JSM 2018.
DF 2018 - Info guide
DF 2018 - Participant summary
DF 2018 - Participants
DF 2018 - Judges
DF 2018 - Consultants
My first Rmd!
My first Rmd at rstudio conf 2018
RLadies RTP purrr workshop
Open and Reproducible Science with R
user2017 tutorial
R-Ladies RTP: Everything R Markdown
Slides for Everything R Markdown tutorial at R-Ladies RTP meetup
Data manipulation with dplyr and tidyr
Slides for the R-Ladies RTP "Data manipulation with dplyr and tidyr" workshop
R Workshop for Duke MEM students
Duke University, October 14, 2015
Digitizing a scatterplot
This document describes digitizing a scatterplot from a found PNG image, by pointing and clicking. This method is only feasible when the sample size is not too high, and there aren’t too many overlapping points on the scatterplot which might make it difficult to actually see some of the points.
Tweet analysis
Pre-workshop (and some during workshop) analysis of tweets for the Flipping the Data Science course workshop at USCOTS 2015.