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Spencer Grant Idea
Spencer Grant Idea
Communication Science Scientometrics
Communication Science Scientometrics
The (In)visible Lab
The (In)visible Lab Slides
OJS Growth Statistics
OxNet Staff Day
OxNet Staff Day
Room Costs
Room Costs
Appendix Tables
OxNet Linked Schools
OxNet Linked Schools
WZB Sampling
OJS Citation Mapping
Internet Regulation Project
This is a project that uses google trends and synthetic control methods to estimate the impact of age-verification legislation on search behavior.
School Dashboard for CredOx
UK School Dashboard for the CredOx project
OJS Growth Statistics 2021
OJS Global Paper
Analysis for OJS Global Paper
Network Similarity Tests
Phase 1 Experimental Analysis
Transcript generation
Vaccine Hesitancy Takeaways v2
Vaccine hesitancy v6 memo
Multimedia Meta-analysis
Space Flight Sentiment
Vaccine Hesitancy Pilot Analysis
Analysis pipeline for the COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy project with the Athey Lab.
OJS Growth
Network Equating
Predatory Publishing
OJS Dashboard v2
OJS Research Dashboard
OJS Usage Statistics
Beacon EDA - Africa
Desegregation paper analyses
PKP project
Elementary math research study
STERG model results
Meta-analysis of language and literacy studies with Prof Rebecca Silverman.