Dr Juan H Klopper

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Maternal mortality using World Bank Open Data
This R-markdown post introduces the WDI library to interact with the World Bank Open Data API.
Working with bivariate data in R
Describing the expression and visualization of bivariate categorical and numerical variables.
Prediction intervals
A short description of prediction intervals, with an example.
Scatter plots using Plotly
Scatter plots and bubble charts using Plotly for R.
Working with univariate data
Describing and visualizing univariate data in R.
Histograms using Plotly for R
A post on the use of Plotly to create histograms in R
Bar chart using Plotly
Create bar charts using Plotly for R.
Starting with ggplot2
Get going with plotting using ggplot2.
Logistic regression using R
This post describes the principals of multivariate logistic regression using R
Biserial correlation in R
Biserial and point-biserial correlations allows for the calculation of a correlation coefficient if one of the variables is discrete in nature.
Testing assumptions for the use of parametric tests
In this post with R code snippets, I discuss some of the assumptions that must be met for the use of parametric tests