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Confounder Generation
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Number of observations
pi calculation
Hack Ebola
SIR model
group summaries
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d3Network demonstration
igraph demonstration
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Handling time data
Basic graphics
Use of formula
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cramVars feature test
2014-02-13 useR@HSPH
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test description
Proportional odds model
Multiple Imputation Examples
Case-control studies in R
S3 Class and Methods in R
Polynomials and Splines
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Venn diagrams
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Emulating SAS BY statement in R
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Adjustment for multiple testing
EPI204 Lab 2 in R
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Drawing survival curves in R
EPI 204 Homework 3 in R
kaz_yos RPubs もくじ
kaz_yos RPubs Table of Contents
Conditional logistic regression
regexp test in R
EPI 204 Homework 2 in R
pROC test run
pROC and large dataset
Summarizing data by groups in R
Basic graphics in R
John Snow’s Cholera Map
BIO 226 AUC-MB contrast
EPI 289: Homework 4 in R
BIO 226: Homework 2 in R
EPI 289: Homework 3 in R
EPI 289: Homework 2 in R
EPI 289: Homework 1 in R
R Color Chart
EPI 271 Propensity Score Lab 2
EPI 271 Lab 1
car::recode solution
A Happy New Year with ggplot2
ggplot2: Plotting functions
ggplot2: stat_summary
Bootstrap (test)
LaplacesDemon package
Bayesian updating
survey package
Group Sequential Methods
Run-length encoding
Epidemiology 202: Homework 3
Ordinal logistic regression
Post-test probabilities
My knitr configuration
BIO 213 Homework 7
Stepwise model selection
Installing slidify
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Cluster analysis (k-means)
PH207x Week 3
PH207x Week 2
Poisson regression for rates
EPI 202 HW1
Code IQ: ログ解析
PH207x Week 1
Rgraphviz test
Categorical Data with R
Using Deducer without GUI
EPI 221 Sep 26
Basic graphing with R
BIO 213 Homework 6
BIO 509 Homework 5
BIO 208 Final Exam
Merging data
BIO 213 Homework 4
BIO 201 Homework 5
BIO 509 Homework 3
BIO 509 Homework 1
BIO 201 Homework 4
BIO 201 Homework 3
Probability functions in R
Reading data into R
BIO232 Homework 1
BIO232 Lab 1
BIO 213 Homework 3
20120921 Introduction to R
Biostatistics 201: Lab 1
BIO 201: Homework 2
BIO 509 Examples
Links to other pages of mine
EPI 201 Homework 1
BIO 201: Homework 1
EPI 208 homework2
Homework 1 for EPI 208
BIO 213 homework1
Plotting OR (experimental)
HSPH Materials Translated
Creating multiple xtabs for different row variables with the same row variable
Categorical counterpart of the previous post.
BIO 208 SAS codes translated to R
HSPH Summer PCE SAS code translated to R
My solution to "My no loops in R hair shirt"
My solution to:
RDS 286: Excercise 3.1
EPI 208: Rate and Risk
Another demo from Rothman's
Effect measures
Demonstration of equations in Epidemiology: An Introduction